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Canigao Island is one of the top 10 island resorts in the world!

Canigao Island Resort

Welcome to Canigao Island Resort! The Far East tropical island is located on the west side off the coast of Barangay Itom, a fishing village in Matalom, Leyte. Welcome too at the nearby provinces and other tropical islands within Region 8 in East Central Philippines! You are in the ideal tropical island to visit, tour and celebrate your special occasion or spend your honeymoon. You are in the perfect tropical island to spend a vacation and be refreshed from the stress and strain of coping up with the world's economic crisis. The U.S. economic crisis, for example, is the worst since World War 2 according to one international TV network news. Some TV networks reported that the economic crisis may continue into the next 4 or more years!

Canigao Island Resort is the perfect haven to write your business plans, organizational strategies, or an article for publication; to compose your song, music or paint a landscape and to do your glamor modeling and commercial photo shots and videos. It is the ideal environment to breath the fresh air away from the smog and pollution commonly seen in your big cities. It is perfect for fishing, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, etc.

Canigao Island has white sandy beach all around, some coral reefs, sand bars and fish sanctuaries. It has hundreds of trees, a light tower to guide the boats and ships at night, and has numerous other ecological attractions.

When you tour, take a vacation or spend your most memorable occasion with your loved ones, you can easily reach the non-commercialized Canigao Island Resort. According to Alan Espina, Canigao Island Resort is much better than the mass media-hyped Boracay Island which is located in West Central Philippines. Mr. Espina has visited many other islands in the Philippines, some resorts in Central America, Western Europe, and other countries. Mr. Espina is a traveler and a top manager of MGM Grand - the world's largest hotel, casino & theme park in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. This writer had spent for 6 months on an observation-tour in Hawaii to learn its tourism industries, had worked for about 8 years with one of the big Marriott hotels and resorts in Colorado (one of about 3,000 hotels, suites, resorts, conference centers and vacation clubs in around 70 countries), and has lived for 28 years in the U.S. He confirms that Canigao Island Resort is one of the top 10 island resorts in the world. There is no other advertising sign, no commercial billboard, no beachfront vendor or private business owner operating on the island. The Municipality of Matalom in the Province of Leyte owns the Canigao Island Resort!

You can reach Canigao Island by following these instructions: First, if you are coming from another country, you should take an airline which flies direct to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Metro Manila, Philippines. Second, take a transfer flight from the Manila Domestic Airport to Tacloban City Airport. Tacloban City is the capital of northern Leyte. Third, from Tacloban City Airport, you should catch one of the passenger vehicles which takes you to the taxi-van or bus stations in Tacloban City. Fourth, take a taxi-van or bus which departs from early morning up to evening time bound for Maasin City, the capital of Southern Leyte. The van or bus ride along the straight and zigzag concrete highway takes about 3.5 to 4.5 hours from Tacloban City to Maasin City. Your ride to Maasin City passes through Barangay Itom in Matalom, Leyte, which is about 30 minutes northwest from downtown Maasin.

An alternative way to visit Canigao Island Resort is to follow the following steps: First, you should take a flight to Cebu-Mactan International Airport located in Central Philippines. Second, if your budget permits, you can charter a small aircraft from Mactan to the Maasin City Airport. Third, from Cebu City, you can board either one of the inter-island ships which sails few times per week direct to Maasin City and daily to Southern Leyte via Bato, Hilongos, Baybay and Ormoc City which are located in northwestern side of Leyte island. Fourth, from these towns and a city, you can ride any of the buses, jeepneys, or taxis (vans) which travels several times daily down to Maasin City. You have the option to stop at Matalom, Leyte instead of going direct to Maasin City. Fifth, if you want to have a personal car, professional or super fine driver meet you at the Tacloban City Airport or Maasin City Airport, you may contact Mr. Bombom T. Gonzales in Maasin City through his cell-phone #(011+63+920)+216-4537. If your long distance company does not handle international calls, please dial the code of long distance company that handles such calls, (+011+63+920)+216-4537.

Upon arrival in Maasin City and if you are seeking for a fine place to stay, we suggest that you check-in at the Villa Romana Hotel, Ampil Pensione, Southern Comforts, Maasin Country Lodge, the newest Jaimee's Hotel and Resort, and the other small hotels, inns and lodging houses which are listed in the local telephone directory. The air-conditioned, nice and cozy lodging places are located in barrio Abgao, Mambajao and Ibarra, just about 5 to 20 minutes by motorcab from the Maasin City pier and bus stations.

Regarding our intentional community, we are still a proposed project. We have been praying and hoping that some generous individuals and organizations from all over the world would provide us the funds to build the self-sufficient 7th Millennium Community which is published in the Intentional Communities Directory. However, as consultants we can work with you when you plan to have a successful tour, vacation, investment and/or retirement in Leyte and Southern Leyte.

Finally, please read the maps, directions and other related information (for example, from the U.K. Embassy,  U.S. Embassy, other foreign embassies in Metro Manila, and the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulates in your country) before you visit, tour, take a vacation, and/or spend a special occasion at the Canigao Island Resort. The 7th Millennium Community is one of the top reliable and trusted sources of general information in the country! Should you need additional information, feel free to contact us through our e-mail or the Trip Advisor.

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